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June 14, 2010
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It had been a week since Latios sacrificed himself. Latias was lying on the ground in the secret garden. Bianca had been trying to comfort her, but to no avail.

Lorenzo walked over to see how Latias was doing.  "Any improvement?"

Bianca shoot her head. "Not at all."

" She's been like this ever since Brock, Misty, and Ash left." Lorenzo said.

Latias lifted her head up for a second, she looked around for a moment, then, lowly put her head back down and sighed.

"Did you see that?" Bianca asked. "Maybe she misses them."

Lorenzo stroked his beard. "Maybe… the only problem is, we don't have any way of contacting them, and all we know is that they're somewhere in Johto."

Latias got up and flew off.

"Latias, wait! We don't know where they could be!" Bianca shouted.

Latias ignored her, cloaked herself, and flew through the city. Once she got to the ocean, the quickly gained speed.  She flew for a half hour before reaching land. She quickly ascended to a hundred feet above the ground, searching for signs of her three friends. An hour or so went by without any luck, but then, a large explosion in a forest sent three familiar faces towards Latias. Team Rocket zipped past her, their bickering soon tailing off as they flew too out of sight. Latias was thankful she was still cloaked, she let out a sigh of relief; the last thing she needed was Team Rocket trying to catch her. She flew to where the Team Rocket had come from, and was overjoyed to find her friends there. Bits and pieces of the latest Rocket robot were all over the place, the piles of scrap metal still smoldering, clouds of smoke emanating from the twisted wreckage.

"Wow, that was close," Ash said. "they almost got Pikachu that time."

"It's sort of funny when you think about it; all the times they've been so close to getting Pikachu, only to be defeated because of some flaw with their machines or strategy."

"What I think is funny is how many often you flirt with women." Misty said.

"Hey! That was uncalled for!" Brock replied.

"Hey, Bock? Do ya think you could have a look a Pikachu to make sure it's not hurt?"

"Sure, Ash." Brock replied.

"Well, I guess I'll take a look at the scenery while you do that." As said as he started off into the forest. Latias silently followed behind him. After tem minuts of walking through the forest, Ash stopped he sat down, deciding he could use a good nap. But before he could get to sleep, Latias uncloaked herself, and flew up to him.
Latias rubbed her head against Ash's chest, and started lovingly licking his face.

"Whoa! A Latias! Wait, are you the Latias one from Alto Mare?"

Latias stopped licking Ash, and nodded then flew around him happily.

"Well, it's nice to see ya again. So, how are ya?" Ash asked.

Latias stopped, transformed into Bianca, and looked at him. Her eyes were watery, she bowed her head, then ran up to and hugged him. She was shaking.

"So, you're still upset about your brother… I'm really sorry about what happened…"

Latias clung onto Ash, tears running down her cheeks.

"I'm not sure how I can help. I mean, I'm sure Bianca an' Lorenzo are worried about ya', so it's not like you can stay with us… An' I've gotta become a Pokémon master, so it's not like I can come back with you…"

Latias took a step back from ash, her eyes were filled with tear, and she looked like she was going to start bawling.

"If I could, I would! I wish there was some way I'd be able to cheer you up, but-"

Latias smiled. She got down on the ground, picked up a small stick, and started writing in the ground. When she was done, Ash looked at the message.

"I want you to be with me, always." Ash read. "What exactly does that mean, Latia-Ah!"

Latias had transformed again. She pushed ash onto the ground, then flew over to his feet. She wrapped her tongue around his ankles, opened her mouth to unbelievable proportions, and started to swallow.

Ash yelled for help as he felt Latias's warm, damp tongue pulling him into her cavernous mouth. "Latias! What are you doing?! Please, stop!"

Latias had made it to Ash's  shoulders. Ash was sarting to panic as he felt himself slip into Latia's humid stomach.  Latias stopped when she reached Ash's neck. She transformed her arms into human arms, and turned ash so that he was facing the ground, she then wrote another message in the ground once she was done, her hands transformed back to their normal form. The message was: "Don't worry; you'll be fine. I just want you to always be with me, this way, I'll never lose you."

Ash finished reading the message, and pleaded, "Isn't there some other-"

"Hey, Ash? Where are you?" Misty shouted. She walked out from behind a tree, and saw Ash's head sticking out from Latias's mouth. She screamed.

Latias finished swallowing Ash, then flew towards Misty. Misty screamed, turned around, and tried to escape, but Latias flew in front of her and opened her mouth. Misty tried to stop, but she tripped. Latias broke Misty's fall by catching Misty's head with her tongue.

Misty's cries for help were muffled as Latias slowly swallowed her. Latias tilted her head back once Mist's shoulder had reached the back of her throat. Mistly quickly slid down Latias's throath. Latias used her tongue to pull Misty's feet into her mouth. After Latias had finished with Misty, her stomach was about as big as two Venonats.  Latias let out a sigh as she flew off towards her home,  as Ash and Misty were slipping around in her stomach.

When Latias got back, Bianca was overjoyed to see her. She embraced Latias. "Latias, what happened to you? You look like you ate Ponyta! Latias flew over to a tree, and started swallowing berries whole as an attempt to feed her two friends." She then started to slowly rock back and forth, hoping to help Ash and Misty fall asleep.
This was a request by :icongamdann:

This contains non-digestion vore of a female pokemon eating human prey, if this offends you, please look away, if this exites you, I'm glad i could help with that :)

Also, if anybody wants to illustrate this story, by all means, just give me a link if you do.
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